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Sebenza Safety is an Health and Safety Consulting company that aspires to eliminate all safety risks in various industries such as mining, manufacturing, building, construction and engineering.

Occupational Health and Safety Act No 85 of 1993, Act 8(1)
Every Employer shall provide and maintain, as far as is reasonable practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of his employees. 

As an Occupational Health and Safety Product provider that specializes in work place safety,our core purpose is to ensure safe working solutions for all as per the above Act. 

Sebenza Safety is focused on providing customers with an extensive range of Occupational Health and Safety solutions with assistance according to Legal compliance, Emergency Response plans and premises compliance to health and safety standards.

Company History

Sebenza Safety’s commitment is to be the leading Innovator in the application of Health & Safety, Industrial Manufacturing, Engineering and Supply Services.

Our Business is based on forming long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners and clients through the delivery of sustainable value-added products and services.

Sebenza Safety (PTY) Limited is 5 years old, but with a vast array of experience in various business backgrounds. We have a footprint in the following provinces: Gauteng, North-West and Mpumalanga.

Ensuring Safety in the Workplace!