About Us

Company History

Sebenza Safety (PTY) Limited was registered on the 31st January 2014 and has since procured and managed an extensive client base within provinces such as Gauteng, North-West and Mpumalanga.   

Business goals & objectives

Sebenza Safety’s goals and objectives are:

Vision Statement

Sebenza Safety’s vision is to become and achieve the status of market leader in the specialized field of Occupation Health and Safety, through the implementation and management of world class safety systems that would be to the advantage of both the employer and its employees. Sebenza Safety’s products/services are characterized for the improvement of skills, accountability, and diversity with respect for all its customers, through the effective facilitation and enhancement of legal liability for the employer, and the protection of the employee in the working environment.

We will be a truly Customer – Focused business, operating within our chosen market, working alongside our business partners by employing the very best practices with regards to Occupational Health and Safety and Human Recourses Management. 

Mission Statement

Sebenza Safety will play a significant role in reducing work related injuries, deceases and fatalities through pro-active, preventable strategies and policies, aimed at protecting and enhancing the rights of employers and employees to a safe, healthy wor

king environment.
This is underpinned by a fundamental believe that all work place injuries and instances of occupational ill health are preventable and that good Health and Safety management is good business.


Sebenza Safety act on the understanding that our clients are the sole reason for our existence and we will discharge in such a way to show and commit our respect for all employers/employees through efficient, effective services that are legal compliant and accountable to our customers at all times.

Core Values

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